Santa Gertudis Embryo Production

Santa Gertrudis Cattle are bred to adapt in extensive climate conditions and are on the top of the list with feed conversion ratios. This breed also matures at an early age, which is an indication of high fertility.

The brand-new Absolute Genetics In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Laboratory in Bloemfontein has had the privilege to produce IVF embryo’s for Santarific Santas. Oocytes were collected from two donors, every 12-14 days, during February and March 2019.

In this time, we completed 4 aspirations on each cow, fertilized 98 oocytes and produced 39 Blastocysts. All these embryo’s where produced in the IVF Lab and cryo preserved. In May 2019 we transferred 15 of the embryo’s produce, where 8 recipients were confirmed pregnant. This calculates to 53.3% for frozen-thawed IVF embryos. The transfer took place on the breeder’s farm, where they managed the synchronisation program themselves. The remainder of the embryos are still preserved for later use.

Over the world, the average production rate for Bovine IVF is considered to be 30%. The conception rate is expected to be between 40-50% on fresh transfer and 30-40% with frozen embryos.

The table below shows the statistics on the two oocyte donors bred by Santarific Santas:

Oocyte DonorTotal OPU’sTotal OocytesMax Oocytes per OPUTotal Blastocyst ProductionProduction RateConception Rate










These Santa Gertrudis donors showed promising results and we look forward to working more with this breed in the future.

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