Collection And Processing Of Bull Semen At The Ramsem Bull Station

From the outset, it has always been a strong principle of RAMSEM to produce only the best quality and service possible. The collection, processing and freezing of bull semen is no exception.

The utmost care under the strictest of conditions is paramount and is practised by all employed at the Bull Station.

The collection of semen is done under the most sterile of conditions possible and all semen is protected against sunlight and temperature fluctuations.

Bulls are provided with an RFID tag and scanned during the collection process. Once the collection is done, it is scanned into the system which assists with the calculation of dilutions and other parameters.

Elements of the collection determined are volume, density, mass motility and percentage motility. Any abnormalities and general morphology are also observed. Once the viability has been established, the further dilution of the semen is done, assisted by the system, to ensure a consistent number of live sperms per straw.

Once the dilution process is completed, the semen is cooled, over a predetermined period of time to reach a temperature which is conducive to the freezing process. This cooled semen is placed in printed straws and then transferred to the cryogenic freezer where it is taken to a temperature of -140 degrees celsius.

These frozen straws are placed in goblets in liquid nitrogen for storage and future use. Two straws from each collection are, after 24 hours, returned to the collected temperature and, once again, evaluated for viability and morphology.

Only the semen passing this series of tests is released to the customer for own use or resale (depending on the prior arrangement with the customer, and necessary tests done on the animal).