Genetic Imports and Exports

Absolute Genetics is a registered import and export facility for Bovine (cattle) genetics in South Africa, and our trained team is at your service.


Absolute Genetics is equipped to handle semen and embryo imports, taking care of all documentation, communications and shipments, to guarantee your order is met. With our expertise, we have handled many consignments successfully. Our professional team is ready to assist you.


Absolute Genetics have successfully coordinated multiple cattle embryo flushing’s. As a new export facility, we have not yet handled export consignments, but hope to start soon. Our team of professionals with support from Ramsem Pty Ltd have handled exports successfully and will continue to do so with our brand-new registered export facility.

In collaboration with Ramsem Taurus Evolution Centre we can handle combined shipments of semen, collected by them, and embryos, by Absolute Genetics. Both facilities are built to world class standard and comply will all export requirements.

Embryos and semen are both efficient, cost effective and a safe way to move genetics throughout the world. Thanks to cutting edge research, genetics that are processed according to the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS) standards, by certified and accredited practitioners, can be exported to various countries across the world.

IETS washed embryos pose zero risk for the transmission of any known disease, including BSE and foot and mouth. The washing of the embryos with intact outer shells (zona pellucida) with an enzyme, called trypsin, removes any potential viral and/or bacterial agents. Only embryos that are processed in approved laboratories by embryo transfer practitioners that are certified and approved, can be exported.

To maintain export status, embryos and semen must be collected and stored under the direct supervision of an approved practitioner. If embryos are produced for a specific market, the practitioner should check the specific requirements such as donor testing and semen specifications.

Please contact our team of professionals to assist you in this regard.