The Difference in In Vivo and In Vitro Embryo Production

IN VIVO: Embryo Flushing

IN VIRTO: In Virto Embryo Production

1. Early embryo development takes place in the donor cow.1. Early embryo development takes place in an incubator with artificial media.
2. Fertilization is done by artificial insemination of the donor.2. Fertilization is done in the laboratory.
3. Three to six semen straws are used to inseminate one donor.3. One semen straw can be used to fertilize oocytes of up to 8 donors.
4. The embryos exposure to external factors are lower, thus less risk.4. Greater risk due to more handling of embryo and exposure to external factors.
5. Embryos are flushed from the donor cow5. Oocytes (egg cells) are aspirated from the donor.
6. The donor is stimulated with hormones for superovulation6. No hormones are required.

The In-Vivo Embryo Flushing Process

The In-Vitro Fertilization Process